Monday, April 23, 2012

Pictoplasma 2012 - Berlin, Germany

It was 4 intense days filled with screenings, lectures and workshops from inspiring artists all over the globe, as well as numerous art exhibits. It was lovely to get to hang out and be a fellow side kick to: Steve Wilson, Aaron Leighton and Mark Borgions.

Here are some random shots (artists include: Punga, Florentijn Hofman, Joshua Ben Longo [felt monster], Raymond Lemstra [please pardon the poor quality - eek]):


  1. you were so lucky to be there, Charlyn! :-)

  2. Polly: Yes, I really do feel very lucky! It was great to meet so many artists who were not only talented but genuinely nice and humble at the same time. :)

    Mark Borgions: Thank you, fine sir - you're the best! ;)

  3. Intriguing and amazing stuff... thanks for the little taste.

  4. Gracia: Aww, you're welcome. :) It was truly inspiring - I highly recommend it! ;D