Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mail + Souvenirs

Lovely snail mail surprises from France and Sweden....

Merci beaucoup, Niko/Papa Werewolf (the motto for the chocolate company is "What is good to the taste, is great for the soul." :D)!

Tack så mycket, Mattias/Brother Werewolf/Svensk God!

Lastly, Mexican souvenirs from my good friend Peter (I received these a while back, but every time I walk pass them, they make me happy)....

(Had to take a pola of the ceramic Fig Newton look-alike...)

I can't thank you all enough, I say!!! :D


  1. i love your header colours and the kitty! whats the kitty? Is it a bead?

  2. Hearthandmade: Aww, thank you so much! The kitty is a small ceramic figurine that is just under 2" in height. ;)

  3. Elisabeth/ *meow* ;)