Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Small Things

Here are a few things that sometimes provide a little smile, if not, temporary solace for yours truly.

Our pencil sharpener at work....

Thank you Michelle for this sketch of Fig Newton...

When in doubt - paint, paint, paint....

Thank Ffff for Cadbury and Haribo (I should really start considering buying stocks in these companies...):


  1. may i have your postal address please (for regular cere packages)? ;)
    i've been playing with the idea of taking the time to paint. and the only option in our house, as long as inside, is acrylic, too. but i don't dare start yet. i worked on the weekend instead...


  2. very funny pencil sharpener! haha!
    And where on earth do you get those cadbury eggs when it is not easter? (is it almost easter already???).
    these small things would make me very happy too.

  3. that sketch is delightful. then, everything about Fig Newton in my opinion is and i barely know the Fig :)

  4. those last two photos... are so dreamy.

  5. ihsus: :* I will email you my address. Miss you looooooots! xoxo
    Celine: hahahaa Maybe we can have some Mini Eggs after our upcoming brunch? ;)
    kitchu: Aww, thank you!
    mishkebob: We are sugar addicts! ;D

  6. haha that sticker on the pencil sharpener is hilarious. i also had a good laugh at the cat illustration :)

  7. kitten roar: Happy that you like both! Thanks so much for visiting! :D