Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mattias Wallin - The Artist, and the (Cyclical) Food Chain -- Matryoshka Dolls ~ Set 3

This 3rd set of Matryoshka dolls are different from the others, because majority of the characters are "dead" - umm...that's why they have their eyes closed....except for the bacteria, silly! :P

I wasn't sure who I could give this set to, as I didn't want to offend the receiver.

After a quick conversation with the Lille Prinsen, it was decided that this set will travel to Gamleby, Sverige where they will keep Mattias Wallin - a most talented Artist/Svensk God/(Brother) Werewolf company, and will follow him to Göteborg at a later date.

Perhaps, I will let the visuals from Mattias' video project illustrate why my (Cyclical) Food Chain Matryoshka dolls were perfectly suited for him:

And so in life, there is death.

Here is the process (please click on images for a larger view).....

Rough sketches:

Base coats, pencil sketches and outlines:

Painting completed:




Legend (no comments on my phallic flourishes please! :S):

Personalized message at the bottom:

Varnished and ready for their long journey....

Safe travels!


  1. Matryoshka Bacteria?! Ha ha -- only you can do something like this, Charlyn!! They are beautiful!! And they look so peaceful in death, too!

  2. Vielen dank, dear Maren - you are the sweetest!

  3. this is a good post for the "speachless" comment:


    but i want to say so much!

    soon, soon.


  4. I will be patient then...
    Miss you loooooots,
    C xoxo

  5. if you like we'll exchange packages too soon :)

  6. Hej Martin!
    Yes I would like that very much!
    I will email you. :D

  7. these are beautiful Charlyn! these were the ones you were talking about at brunch right?! I love the whole concept of them!

  8. Aww, thank you so much Celine!
    Yes, these are the ones!!! :D

  9. WAUW! These are too cool!!!
    Ohh I wish I was this creative. I need one! XD
    Just curious, why matryoshka dolls? Why did you start painting them? & I apologize in advance if you've already wrote why :0

  10. Michelle: You are too sweet - tak så meget! :)
    I think you are just as creative as I am if not more! ;)
    Ummm, I have always liked art that is more "functional" or something that is more than just 2D...something that you can "interact" with.
    The first set I did ("Scandinavian Animals at the Fair) was inspired by a (Swedish) friend of mine whom I was thinking of when I painted that set. Then I painted a 2nd set ("Polish Woodland Creatures") for some other friends. Mostly, I think the more personalized I make the dolls, the more I enjoy the process.
    Hope I answered your questions! :D