Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow in Springtime

Majority of the time, I do love the snow - except for today. 

Thanks Michelle (again!) for trying to make me less grumpy with the following....

Thanks Fig Newton for reverting back to snuggly kitten behaviour (please pardon the blur)....


  1. ernie + bert! that is so cute! I did not like the snow today either. i was totally grumpy

  2. Berlin has some extra sunshine to share (imagine that!) -- so I am sending you that along with greetings and hugs!!

  3. wow it seems surreal to still have snow anywhere while i am basking in a warm sun. not to rub that in, but it is coming, i promise!

    hope Fig Newton is still keeping you warm :)

  4. oooohhhh........ hugs.
    (and no more words today, sorry...)

  5. Celine: It's hard to ever imagine you grumpy! ;)
    Maren: Thank you, dear - I need it!! :***
    kitchu: Yes, Fig Newton is keeping me warm, thank goodness! :)
    ihsus: Danke! It's ok! I'm looking forward to when you have the words... xoxo

  6. Hi, the much-talked-about-tenderloin-recipe is up :) its a pretty rough do-it-yourself guide, but we think you get the picture.

    Bon appetit amigo!

  7. Sheena: Tak! I am looking forward to making this soooooon! ;D