Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodies From Finland

My good friend Jen just came back from Helsinki, and naturally, I asked her for licorice and chocolate combo candies (my favourite!).

She knows me so well that she included lovely Moomin and Haribo gummies as well......yum!!

Many thanks to Jen, I'll be enjoying these sweets for quite a while.
One day, I would love to visit Finland, and ride a Jopo! (*Hello, Polly!*) ;)


  1. Please do visit Helsinki! :)
    I must say Jen has good taste! and I see you are a fun of salmiakki licorice, which is not that common!

  2. Please do visit Norway as well:) We are neighbors....quite near!

  3. Well, you know where to find a place that has a whole wall full of Haribo -- please visit here, too!!

  4. Polly: I really want to! :D
    Heehee, she does and Salmiakki was the first thing I asked her to get! ;)

    Fei-An: I have been thinking of visiting all of Norge! I've only been to Oslo and I must confess that I'm in love with it and it's lovely people!

    Maren: Yes I dooooo, thanks to yooouuu! Hoping to come back to Berlin next year? :S

  5. reply/ Have you ever tasted a flødebolle? If we could, Sheena and I would send you some flødeboller.. they are good!!!!

  6. Michelle: Just posted a response on your blog. :)
    Let me know how we should proceed - you girls are too kind! Thank you both so much!!! xoxo

  7. reply/ Haha, oh man. Actually I meant, if it was possible to send something that fragile we would. But what the heck, we can give it a try!!! :) Just shoot us an email :)

  8. Michelle: Bwhahahaaa! I looked up images of flødeboller and thought, "How are the girls going to send this?". No worries, I agree - they are too fragile to send! But it's the sweet thought that counts! Thanks though! xoxoxo

  9. Hahah, pfff - good call. lol XD