Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SJ and Steve's New Place

A few weeks ago, my good friends SJ and Steve moved into a lovely rustic Victorian house.

They have quickly settled in and have plans to fix it up (like covering up the red backsplash for starters). I think Max loves the *new* home as it is already. ;)


  1. I love victorian styled houses! could you share a photo of the exteriors of the building too? :)

  2. what a sweet place. i wish we could move. i really dislike our house very much.

    that cat is the bomb :)

    where is FIG?? i miss his face. i need a Fig Fix.

  3. Polly: For sure! The next time I'm there I will take a photo. However, it is probably not as nice as the Victorian houses in Europe! ;)

    kitchu: Yes, they are settling in nicely. I think when the time is right you will find another home! ;)
    Yes, Max is very handsome, but he hissed at me right after I took this pic. ;P
    You are right - I need to do a Fig Newton post sooon! :D

  4. Tania/ihsus: Ok! Coming right up! ;D Danke... xoxo