Thursday, September 22, 2011

This One is for the Animals

Recently, some of you have requested for a posting on Fig Newton, but what better than to celebrate both cats and dogs together?  Here's to all those animals that make us smile, laugh, and most importantly, love.

The cast of characters include (please pardon some of the fuzzy shots):
Fig Newton (yessss, I know she's got 5 pics here... ;P), Bean, Lomo Lomski, Khai, Lola, Iggy and Noah.....

Hope you have a happy furry weekend!


  1. Michelle: Awww, tak!!! :*

    Julia: ;D Kisses to Maggie!

  2. all of them are lovely. what would the world be without pets?

  3. Polly: Grazie, dear! Yes, I totally agree! :D

    Michelle/mishkebob: :D Thank you!!!

  4. lovely photos...Fig Newton sleeping on his back is my favorite...

  5. omg. i am IN HEAVEN. this is the best post ever. like, ever i say. Hiro wanted to mention he might be falling in love with the Fig. he realizes he is way too young for her. he said he plans to mature quickly and not to worry that he's a dog. love knows no bounds! that's his motto. Jiji our cat is in complete disagreement.

    (ps. are these all your animals? or were over the years?)

  6. Britt-Marie Oskarsson: Heeheee, tackar!!! :D

    kitchu: Aww, you're too kind - thanks much!
    Tell Hiro that Fig Newton is available for candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach...hahhaaa
    p.s. No, the cast of characters consist of other friend's pets and random animals I've met. ;)

  7. Fernanda: I understand, they make me feel the same way! ;)