Monday, September 19, 2011

Nice, Nice, Special, Special

is how I feel about the following:

The loveliest (surprise) snail mail from J, M and R which puts a permanent smile on my face (Tack and Vielen Dank! xoxo) ....

Favourite snacks from Amsterdam (thank you, M! :**)....

Discovering delicious Raspberry Ale from England...mmm....

Having porchetta sandwiches (with rapini and truffle sauce) for the first time at Porchetta and Co. ....

Finding a nice gesture initiated by someone in the city....

Spending time with friends and having a funny moment captured by another friend (Me looking at C, looking at P, with M laughing...)....

Hope your September has been filled with smiles and surprises too!


  1. I love the "nice gesture in the city!" :)

  2. you get the best treats from world wide! someone sent you a bottle of ale?! that's amazing!!

  3. At first glance I read "religious Raspberry Ale", ha ha! (No more drinks for me...)

  4. Polly: Mee toooo! Thank you dear Polly! :D

    Celine: Hahaaa, nobody sent this to me I'm afraid! ;) However, it was deeeelicious!

    Maren: Bwahahahhaaaa! Maybe you're on to a great business idea? ;D

  5. i loved SEEING you! a face with a blog. so cool.

  6. kitchu: Aww! I feel the same way about you! ;D xoxo

  7. I love that little plant! Where in the city is it? I hope nobody destroys it!

  8. Samantha: Hello! There is a whole row of them (maybe 4 or 5 bike racks) at Shuter and Yonge...just outside Frans Diner/Guess Jeans. ;)

  9. cute stuff!!
    good times the other night (ps that is not how i look when i laugh, i was definitely making a face-i'm not *actually* a chipmunk!) hahahah

  10. Michelle/mishkebob: Thanks and thanks to you! ;) It was a really fun eve...aaannnddd you don't look like a chipmunk! heehee