Friday, June 8, 2012

Grazie Mille, Polly!

A most beautiful package arrived today from Finland, thanks to Polly!

There were so many special things:

Like Polly's lovely hand drawn birds...

The Rudolf Koivun Kuvitutsta postcard, a darkroom print of one of Polly's photos from her Diana Mini...

And Moomin goodies...

Grazie mille, dear Polly! :**

And a happy weekend to you! :)


  1. thank you, Charlyn!
    thank you also for this beautiful post!
    I am glad my package made you happy! :-) :-) :-)
    I hope you're enjoying your weekend with some of my sweets! ;-)

  2. Polly: Aww, there are so many wonderful things in the package, Polly! Thank you for making me sooo happy! :D

    I am going to eat some Angry Birds now...ahahhaaa ;)

  3. awww! snail mail is always a good thing. but when you get such a beautiful package is even sweeter :)

  4. joana: Yes, I totally agree! It is just as much fun sending it as it is receiving it, I feel! ;)