Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tape and Stickers

I must confess I have somehow fallen back in love with stationary, stamps and stickers.
Here are some lovely finds from Hanji Handmade Paper and Crafts...

Speaking of lovely finds, have a look at Charles Fréger's "Wilder Mann" series.
Too brilliant!


  1. how could you possible fall out of love with stationary, stamps and stickers?! especially when you always manage to find such beautiful treasures! ;-)

  2. Polly: Hahaaa, for a while I would rather draw my own everything, but now I can really appreciate stationary....and I must say, I've always loved stickers! ;D xoxo

  3. great finds. and i agree is almost impossible for someone not to love stationary (much less fall out of love with it)!

  4. joana: Obrigado! The store where I found these stickers and tape has the most extraordinary stationary - one can go *crazy* (in a good way..ahahaa) in that store! ;D

  5. ahaha Charlyn, i have a lot of stationary from that store <3 loveeeeeee

    i can´t almost move inside my office,really.It´s like a barbie stationary doll house.
    Don´t want to grow up ever <3
    Maybe i will now go to my abandoned blog to make an homage to papers,stickers and stuff in general :D
    p.s.i would also love to receive some good old snail mail from Canadá,just sayin' :P

  6. Sarah/querido diário: I don't want to grow up either! ahahaaaa

    p.s. I'll see what I can do.... ;)