Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Hot Outside

When it feels like 41°C outside, all I want to do is to sit in the shade and have an ice cold treat.

Yum = Blueberry Basil and Roasted Almond gelato from Soma....

I'm taking a day off from my "day job" tomorrow (today?) to spend time with some good friends, perhaps paint ( 2nd job), and hopefully have more ice cream! ;D


  1. So good that you can take time off during those hot days! Enjoy your time - and the ice cream!! By the way, I happen to know that Soma also has excellent chocolate, hee hee... :)

  2. I wanted to get ice cream so badly today, but I was too afraid of walking anywhere to get it because it is so hot on the sidewalks! I wish Soma was closer to me! Blueberry basil sounds delicious!!!

  3. that sounds like a perfect plan for a beautiful midsummer! :-) enjoy your time off, Charlyn!

  4. Almond ice cream at Soma = delicious.

  5. Maren: Danke dear M!
    I didn't get to have ice cream today, but it was a great day nonetheless! ;)

    Celine: Today was so hot that I thought I'm not venturing outside again just to get ice cream - it's gonna melt before I even leave the store... :P I must say Soma has great gelato for sure!

    Polly: Grazie, Polly! Hope you have a fabulous time by the sea. :*

    Narine/Colourful Chaos: It's my new fave! *drool*

    Tania/ihsus: :* :* :* xoxo

  6. Ohhhh wow that looks delicious... I want to reach through my screen and snatch the cone!

  7. Junaluska: It was! Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! :)