Saturday, June 16, 2012

** NEW ** in my ETSY Store: Sami Taste Buds - Nesting Dolls ~ An Ode to the North

Introducing the 4 taste buds - Sweet (Søt), Salty (Salt), Sour (Sur) and Bitter (Bitter), now available in my ETSY store!

They have traveled a long way from the most northern part of Norway.

Sweet (Søt) loves guompa and cloudberries, Salty (Salt) fancies lutefisk and varmrøkt rein, Sour (Sur) prefers pickled herring and lingonberries, and Bitter (Bitter) only wants radishes.

Once properly outfitted, they are ready for reindeer herding!


  1. of course, I love the sami! ;-)

  2. I never knew taste buds were that cute -- especially Bitter!! I also love the clothing. Very, very well done!!

  3. Maren: Heehee, I love that you especially like Bitter and the Sami outfit ofcourse! ;D
    Vielen dank for being a wonderful friend always! :* xoxo