Monday, June 4, 2012

A Rainy Sunday Assembly Line

Lately I've been trying to work harder at juggling my day job and be more diligent with my need to paint/create.  I should probably take this painting business a lot more seriously and to "get painting" (as I was told/ordered by a friend of mine).

I've also started watching more Etsy Lab videos, and perusing through the Etsy Help Forums to try to see how I can improve my Etsy store/sales.  The hard lesson about all of this is that I'm at the complete mercy of my suppliers - I have a shipment that I've ordered in April that has not yet arrived..... :(

However, on the brighter side of things, I am very much looking forward to finishing this latest batch of toys, and I'm lucky and super thankful to have lots of support from a network of wonderful friends. 


  1. It is so nice see you're getting more and more familiar with business planning. However, don't put too much pressure on yourself. I know that whatever will come out of this will be absolutely wonderful. If it needs time, give it some time. Oh, and you should sue that supplier, har har har!! (Just kidding...) Looking forward to seeing your fantastic artwork!! xo

  2. yes, Charlyn! you have all of our support! :-)

  3. i'll third that...
    and add: don't try so hard ;D
    love seeing and reading this...


  4. Maren: Honestly, you are one of my biggest supporters and I cannot thank you enough. I think when I was in Berlin last I was feeling slightly unsure about things, but your enthusiasm for my work always cheers me up! :*

    As for my supplier, apparently they are on vacation and will deal with my issue later...just makes me think this is not a good situation to be in if this was my sole business. :S

    Polly: Grazie! You're always so sweet! :*

    ihsus/Tania: Ha! I should try harder! ;D
    Vielen dank - you're the bestest! :*