Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Breaking it Up

Currently, I'm making toys at a much slower pace to try to ensure that I (still) enjoy the process despite the mass production :P ...

I also realize that I will need to take time out to do other creative things (as you can see I am completely out of practice with taking polas :S)...

And that other additional creative outlets are also necessary to keep me thoroughly amused (thanks to M and J for this funny Figwok concept xoxo)...

Um, may the force be with you (?).


  1. no matter what you say, I still think those polaroids of Fig are lovely! he's just so good at posing! ;-)

  2. Ohhhh -- beautiful cytoplasm!! And yes - may the force be with you (and Fig)!!

  3. hahaha, that Figwok is too much!!! So cute!!

    I really understand what you say about the polas, I'm terribly out of shape in that area too. I don't realy like any of my recent ons :(

    And your creatures are the sweetest!

  4. how many toys do you have to make??

  5. Polly: Awww, thank you Polly for liking the polas! Sometimes it just hurts my heart to feel that I've wasted precious film though! :S

    Maren: Ahahhaaaa, danke! xoxoxo

    Julia: Gracias my dear J! Although I want to support the TIP, I still prefer the old film much better. :P

    mishkebob/Michelle: As many as I can I suppose.... eeeeek.....