Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

SJ and I had another day of crafting and eating...

As planned, she made heart pins...

Whereas I abandoned the project completely, and made agnolotti, ravioli, sauce with pancetta/guanciale...

Being super sentimental, I would like to think that every day is Valentine's day as well as Christmas. It is also my best friend Marisa's birthday today, which makes today extra special for me.

Hope your day is filled with cupcakes and paaaassstaaaa....
:) xoxo


  1. i ate the best chocolate mousse ever <3

    happy belated Valentine's day C*

  2. querido diário/Sara: Obrigado! :*
    Mmmmm...I would like some chocolate mousse too please! :D

  3. this is such a sweet post, dear Charlyn!
    and those ravioli pancetta con pancetta e guanciale are wonderful! :-)
    I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! ♥

  4. Polly: I am happy that you like my little felt raviolis! :D
    Grazie mille for being so sweet always. xoxoxo