Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nice Packaging

I am thoroughly amused by the dogs on the cinnamon gum package...

Chocolates also taste better when presented by a happy mandarin...


  1. Oh my, that mandarin is the cutest ever!!! And those dogs are a bit disturbing in a fun way :D

  2. Julia: Ahahhaa, I knew you would like the mandarin! ;)
    Yes, it's funny that there would be packaging for gum with that sort of a cover.... ;P

  3. great packages indeed! and that yellow one, on which that chocolate stain looks like a bird head (or doesn't it?)! I love it!

  4. I'm a sucker for great packaging too :)
    when i buy something it´s definitely a point in favor when something is wrapped up in a wonderful way (eating with the eyes)*

    i would love a little bit of that chocolat please <3 ahah

  5. Polly Balitro: Yes it does look like a bird's head! You've got a great eye, dear Polly! :*

    querido diário/Sara: When I was in Porto, I found that there were so many lovely packaging! I would also love to share chocolates with you! ;D