Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sewing Date

A few weeks ago I was at SJ's experimenting with sewing on a machine....

Some nice things caught my eye en route to her house...

Lunch always tastes better on Spode...

Had to say "hello" to Max and Cloudy...(note that Max is not being his usual jerky self - it must be the smart sweater/jumper he's sporting :P)

My favourite capture of our day together...

Umm.... and last but not least, the outcome of our sewing test...

For now, I think I will be sticking to sewing by hand. Hahahaaaa


  1. Oh, that photo of the baby and the cat!!! Melted my cold, cold heart ;D

    I'd love to learn how to swe too. I only know how to do it by hand, like you,

  2. Julia: Awww, I know, and Max is so good with her - it's unbelievable!
    Actually, sewing by hand is quite relaxing - I can only imagine knitting might be the same?

  3. I find it so hard to sew with a machine myself, but I understand it could be pretty useful to learn - some friends of mine are really skillful with that.
    all your friends seem to have a bunch of beautiful and funny cats - is that why you've chosen them to be your friends? ;-)


  4. Polly: Heeheeee, I think the universe just puts us together somehow?! ;) xoxo

  5. :D to cats and clouds...
    i've been concidering unpacking my (childhood) sewing machine, but i would have to find it somewhere in the celer first. maybe come spring.

  6. i´m dreaming of having a sewing machine myself, i have so many fabrics and so many ideas!
    i like your cloud :)

  7. ihsus/Tania: !!!!
    Yes, would love to see your sewing projects, perhaps! :***

    querido diário/Sara: So lovely! I bet you can sew really well!
    Ahahahaa, obrigado for liking the cloud! ;D

  8. Ahahhaaa.... tack, dear E! xoxo