Monday, February 25, 2013

Taking Time

Hello, I just realized that my last post was over a week ago...

It is necessary for me right now, to perhaps just sporadically blog (ummm...even more so I'm afraid... :P), as I am feeling quite overwhelmed... with a lot of things going on...

Would be lovely if there were more of the following though...

That's all for now - I will catch up with everyone very soooooooooon...



  1. hello from the top of a mountain! enjoy being overwhelmed! love xoxoxo

  2. ihsus/Tania: I wish I was on top of a mountain.... :(
    Hope you're having a lovely time! :* xoxo

  3. I do hope you'll feel better soon, Charlyn. I miss your posts! ♥
    P.S. what's on top of that cupcake? I am totally salivating right now!

  4. Polly Balitro: You are so sweet and kind, Polly! :*
    I will still visit your beautiful blog in the meantime! xoxo
    p.s. The cupcake icing is peanut butter and jelly! (Very North American... ;P) heeheee

  5. Hope it´s a good 'overwhelming feeling',when the time flies but because you are doing something you love :)
    Your cat (as always) is adorable!

  6. querido diário/Sara: I know it is good but I've never been so scared before in my life..... :S
    Obrigado and Fig says "hello"! xoxoxo

  7. i send strength and energy over the atlantic! you seem very brave to me. :)

  8. maja: Tack, Maja for sending your positive energy - I need it!!! :*
    Kraaaaammmmm!!! xoxo